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We are open every weekday from 10am until 2pm and the office is staffed by volunteers. They take bookings for bus or car trips and answer questions, where they can, from people who pop in. The office is in the middle of the village with shops on either side. Often the office volunteer has the company of either Claire or David, the two managers. It is a very safe and friendly place to work. If you are interested and would like to know more, please ring on 01332 863585.


Your village needs you!! If you have a normal car driving licence, you can help us enormously and volunteer as a driver.


As a car driver, you will use your own car to take a client to an appointment, often at Derby Royal. Normally, the driver escorts the client to the ward they are visiting, waits with them and brings them home. Other trips are to appointments around Melbourne and the surrounding villages. The clients are charged for the trip but that is handled by the office and you will get all your expenses and mileage paid for. Your own car insurance is all you need. We have never had a problem, although you may need to inform them.

You can drive the bus if you have a normal driving licence. We have deliberately bought a small bus that allows that. The bus is easy to drive and you get to see the countryside over the hedges for once. You will get a special half-day bus training session to learn how to use the lift and secure wheelchairs as well has handling what is, in effect, a long people carrier. The bus is maintained and fueled by another regular volunteer; all you have to do is make sure everything works before you set off. You will always travel with an escort volunteer so you can concentrate on driving and the escort makes sure everyone is safe and comfortable.

Age is no barrier as a car driver; if you have a licence that’s enough. If you are 70 or over you can still be a bus driver but you need to have a medical and eye check. We organise that through Doctor James Long at the Melbourne surgery who is a trustee of the charity.


Every Friday morning we run trips to a local supermarket. The bus driver simply drives about the countryside but there are two workers who make things tick. We need someone on the bus to help the clients on the bus and make sure they are strapped in and comfortable (please note we only take walking clients on the supermarket trip wheelchairs would take too long). The escort also helps carry the shopping to their doorstep. There is no need for lifting or maneuvering, just a steadying hand at times.


At the supermarket we have a shopping helper to give any help in the shop as necessary, such as picking out the best gin and advising on cakes and chocolates. Seriously, some our clients need help with the trolley or basket and when the bus returns to pick them up, help is needed to get bags and bodies back on the bus.


Melbourne Community Care relies entirely on the support of volunteers to provide all of our services.

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